About us

In late 2020 La Nord Studio was launched with a bold mission: Use creativity and design as a force for good.

At La Nord Studio we believe that marketing is about the art of combining mediums and messages to not only inform consumer behaviour, but to influence culture. We’re idealistic about the role marketing plays in changing behaviours and accelerating the green transition and we’re intent on contributing to conversations and moments that have the potential to influence our collective future.

About Minna

Founder and creative

I am a multidisciplinary creative based in Finland, working across the fields of photography, content production, social media and service design.

I love snowy winters and want to be able to enjoy them in the future as well. That is why I am supporting Protect Our Winters Finland on their mission to fight against climate change.

our clients and friends

We work alongside leaders and changemakers to bring their stories to life.

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